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Bible Text: Exodus 20: 8-11 |


OT Hebrew term: שַׁבָּת 'shabbat' (NT Greek σάββατον 'Sabbath')
I. The REALITY of “Shabbat” as commanded by the law (Ex. 20:8-11)
“Remember: . .” 7 Observations:
A. Looked back to . . .
B. Legislated a . . .
C. Limited Israel to . . .
D. Law then expanded . . .
E. Led also to . . .
F. Look discerningly . . .
G. Listen carefully . . .
II. The REASONS for “Shabbat” as clarified by the LORD JESUS (Mt. 12:1-21)
A. Reasons why Jesus corrected the Pharisees and clarified the matter once & for all:
He, as the Son of Man is the LORD of the “Shabbath”! (vs. 8)

B. Reasons why “born again” believers under the new covenant are not required to observe “Shabbat” on the Seventh Day
A. The “Sabbath” was meant as . . .

B. Jesus Christ (the Messiah) fulfilled the Law’s requirements

C. As a Christian, I am not obligated to the Law!

D. All 10 Commandments are in the NT except the 4th Commandment!

E. Cross the International Dateline and . . .

Spiritual Principle & Observation:

III. The “REST” of “Shabbat” as confirmed in Hebrews (Chs. 3-4; 12:25-28f).
Examination of the term: sabbatismos (sabbath rest) (only 1 X in N.T. in Heb. 4:9)
A. “Rest” in Jesus’ completed work on the Cross: Assurance!

B. “Rest” in Jesus’ continuous High Priestly work on the throne in heaven: Victory!

C. “Rest” in the prospect of Jesus’ coming kingdom: Eternal inheritance and reward

Three Life-Lessons to apply personally this week:



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