December 25, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 2 |


This Christmas ask yourself this question “does my life reflect a life with Jesus as King, or am I more like Herod?”

How to know who is on the throne:

  1. Does the thought of Jesus Christ ruling your life excite you or threaten you?
  2. Is your life characterized by fear of losing control or faith in a sovereign God?
  3. In your sphere of influence do you bring righteousness, peace and joy or anger destruction and pain?
  4. When people wrong you do you seek revenge or reconciliation?
  5. Are you seeking first the kingdom of God or are you seeking the temporary pleasures of this world?
  6. Have you ever prayed “Lord what will you have me to do?” or are your prayers more of a shopping list?
  7. Are you more afraid of losing your status and position in your own self-made kingdom or are you more afraid of God which is the beginning of wisdom?

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