March 3, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Acts 14: 19-23 |


I. God’s people are the tools of discipleship (14:21)
A. The role of the apostles
B. The role for the rest of us
II. God’s Word is the means of discipleship (14:21)
A. The saving power of God’s Word
B. The strengthening power of God’s Word
III. God’s Spirit is the power for discipleship (14:23)
A. The ministry of the Spirit
B. The responsibility of the saints
IV. Perseverance is the method of discipleship (14:21-23)
A. The goal of discipleship
B. The pathway to discipleship

Disciples are made by God’s people who persevere in proclaiming God’s Word in prayerful dependence on God’s Spirit.

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