October 28, 2018 ()

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 14: 20-40 |


I. The gift of tongues in the Church (14:20-28)
A. The purpose of tongues (14:20-22)
- It is a language gift
- It is a sign gift
- It is a targeted gift
B. The response to tongues (14:23-25)
- That which produces a negative response
- That which produces a positive response
C. The restrictions on tongues (14:26-28)
- A clear purpose
- Limited participation
- Always with an interpreter
II. The gift of prophecy in the Church (14:29-40)
A. The regulations on prophecy (14:29-35)
- The principle of appraisal
- The principle of deference
- The principle of self-control
- The principle of spiritual leadership
B. The reprimand to the Church (14:36-40)
-  A word of rebuke
-  A word of encouragement

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