July 7, 2019 ()

Bible Text: 1 Timothy 3: 14-16 |


I. Understanding who we are in Christ (3:14-15)
A. We are the household of God
B. We are the Church of the living God
C. We are the pillar and ground of the truth
II. Understanding what we are to believe about Christ (3:16)
A. Incarnation: “manifested in the flesh”
B. Vindication: “justified in the Spirit”
C. Observation: “seen by angels”
D. Proclamation: “preached among the Gentiles”
E. Salvation: “believed on in the world”
F. Glorification: “received up in glory”
III. Understanding how we should live as Christ’s (3:14-15)
A. Be strong in the Word (ch.1)
B. Be strong in prayer (ch.2)
C. Be strong in leadership (ch.3)
D. Be strong in our stand for God (ch.4)
E. Be strong in our love for God’s people (ch.5)
F. Be strong in our service for God (ch.6)

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